Odebrecht Latinvest

Created in 2012 and with over 2,300 members, Odebrecht Latinvest focuses on investments in logistics and infrastructure in Latin America, contributing to the generation of new opportunities in the region and reaffirming its commitment to sustainable development.

Odebrecht Latinvest carries out projects, mobilizes capital and makes investments in the fields of highways, rapid transit and pipelines, giving priority to Colombia, Mexico, Panama and Peru. In addition, it does business as a capital investor and operator of concessions developed or acquired by the Group. In total, there are 2,250 km of roads that serve 168 million users each year:

  • The IIRSA North Highway, 955 km long, that crosses the North of Peru and connects the Port of Paita to the city of Yurimaguas – with an 80% approval rating from its users;
  • The IIRSA South Highway, 656 km long, connecting the Cusco mountain range in Peru to the Brazilian border in the State of Acre – with a 71% approval rating from drivers that use it;
  • The Rutas de Lima Highway: 115 km of urban streets that connect the main accesses to the Peruvian Capital, with over 280 thousand users per day;
  • The Ruta del Sol Highway (photo) between Puerto Salgar and San Roque, in Colombia. This road, which accommodates 20 thousand vehicles every day, is the most important highway in the country and received a 94% approval rating from is users.

The three highway concessions in Peru (IIRSA North, IIRSA South and Rutas de Lima) have strengthened the company's presence in that country and have brought about the creation of the Odebrecht Latinvest Peru, Odebrecht Latinvest Operations and Maintenance, and Rutas de Lima subsidiaries. In Colombia, it does business through the Ruta del Sol Concessionaire.

IIRSA North Highway, in Peru
IIRSA South Highway, in Peru
Ruta del Sol Highway, in Colombia

Awards and Distinctions

Odebrecht Latinvest was a finalist for the Infrastructure 360º Award, from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), competing with over 60 projects in 18 countries. It was also awarded the Pacifico Seguros Prize for best practices in Workplace Safety and Occupational Health, through the IIRSA North and IIRSA South Concessionaires.

The Group also won certification for the Interoceânica South Concessionaire, on sections 2 and 3; ISO 9001 certification for the Odebrecht Latinvest Peru Operations and Maintenance operator; and triple certification (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001) for the Rutas de Lima Concessionaire (video) – a first-time-ever result for any Odebrecht concession.


The Group began investing in logistics and infrastructure in Latin America some years before the formation of Odebrecht Latinvest. In 2006, in Peru, it began participating in the South American Regional Infrastructure Integration (IIRSA) initiatives, with the objective of promoting political, social and economic integration in the region by means of the development and modernization of the country's highways.

And so, works began on the construction, rehabilitation, improvement and maintenance of the Interoceânica South (photo) and North highways. Later, Odebrecht took over the operation of the highways through the IIRSA South and IIRSA North Concessionaires.

In 2009, in Colombia, Odebrecht was a part of the Ruta del Sol Concessionaire for the construction, rehabilitation, improvement, operation and maintenance of Section 2 of the Ruta del Sol highway project, 528 km long, that connects the capital city of Bogotá to the interior of the country and to the Caribbean Coast, connecting three important ports.