Odebrecht Real Estate Developments

Created in 2007, Odebrecht Real Estate Developments develops residential, corporate, commercial and multi-purpose projects. 

The business´s more than 8,600 members meet the needs and adapt to the specific characteristics of each location and of different audiences by creating products and services that combine good selection, quality and sustainability.

A founding member of Brazil’s Green Building Council, the company's operations comply with the principles of environmental preservation and conservation during all stages of its undertakings – from planning through actual execution.

Odebrecht Real Estate Developments carries out a wide range of projects in the country.

Among these are the following:

  • Parque da Cidade (video), a multi-use complex in São Paulo with five corporate buildings, an office tower, two residential towers, a hotel and shopping center, including a linear park with 62,000 m2 of area;
  • Park One, a residential development in the region of Ibirapuera in São Paulo (SP);
  • Cidade Viva, a residential and commercial complex in Santo André (SP);
  • Hangar, a multi-use complex in Salvador (BA) with nine towers, including seven commercial towers and two hotel towers and a Green Mall;
  • Quintas Private Residences, located in Sauípe (BA), is a private condominium with homes that face the condominium Grande Laguna, sold using the payment installment system;
  • Vila dos Corais, a residential condominium, and Novo Mundo Empresarial, a multi-use complex, both located at Paiva Reserve (video), Pernambuco's first planned neighborhood;
  • Porto Atlântico, a complex of business offices and hotel units at Maravilha Port in the Rio de Janeiro port district;
  • Ilha Pura, planned neighborhood located in Barra da Tijuca (RJ), developed by Odebrecht Realizações Imobiliárias in partnership with the company Carvalho Hosken.;
  • Parque Avenida, commercial development with stores and offices, a grouping of convenience stores, food court and panoramic view in Belo Horizonte (MG);
  • Praça Capital, a complex of business offices, stores and restaurants integrated around a square surrounded by green spaces and outdoor public areas, in Brasilia.
Vila dos Corais, Paiva Reserve (PE)
Hangar, Salvador (BA)
Odebrecht São Paulo Building (SP)
Dimension, Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
View of Parque da Cidade, São Paulo (SP)
Quintas Private Residences, Sauípe (BA)

Awards and Distinctions

Odebrecht Real Estate Developments was rated the most admired company in Brazil in the Construction and Corporate category according to Carta Capital magazine, and won the Top Real Estate Award as one of the corporations that has launched the most projects in the Greater São Paulo metropolitan region. The company also won the following awards:

  • International Property Awards in the Mixed Use Development and Mixed Use Architecture categories for the Parque da Cidade project, which also won the Top in Marketing award;
  • Master Real Estate Award for The One (SP), Vila dos Corais (PE) and Parque Avenida (MG) projects. The Group received the Hors Concours Prize;
  • The Ademi-Niterói award for the Murano Residential Building in the De Luxe Project category; and the Ademi-Rio de Janeiro award for the Rio Corporate project in the Commercial, Industrial and Services category;
  • The Ademi-Bahia award for Boulevard Side, in the Delivery of the Year category; and the Ademi-Pernambuco award for Vila dos Corais, in the Residential Project category.


Odebrecht´s activities in the Real Estate field go back to the company´s origins in 1944. Projects such as the Hotel da Bahia, the Belo Horizonte building – built in a record time of 9 months, compared to the usual 3 years – and the Cruz building, in Bahia; the Petrobras head office building and the Rio Sul Shopping Center (photo) in Rio de Janeiro, were built between the 1940s and 1980.

During the same period, it pioneered projects for the first fully planned neighborhood in Brazil, the Caminho das Árvores subdivision; and the first planned community in Bahia, the Vilas do Atlântico.

During the 1990s and 2000s, the company strengthened its reputation and intensified its presence in the field with the execution of the Sauípe Complex, the Chácara Suíça, Morada dos Cardeais and Reserva Albalonga condominiums and the Bosque Itália Building, in Bahia; and the Villa Lobos Corporate Building, in São Paulo. In 2007, the initiative to create a company exclusively for real estate development made it possible to do business more actively in several regions of Brazil.