Odebrecht in summary

With a history of 70 years, the Odebrecht Group is made up of 15 Businesses, 3 Investment Funds and 5 Auxiliary Companies, has maintained the Odebrecht Foundation for almost 50 years and has contributed to the recognition of culture for 55 years.


Odebrecht Engenharia Industrial

Plans and implements projects in Brazil and abroad for basic industries in several different sectors.

Odebrecht Infrastructure - Brazil

Operates in construction in the areas of transportation and logistics, power, sanitation, urban development and buildings.

Odebrecht Infrastructure - Africa, Emirates and Portugal

Provides services in engineering, sanitation, housing, power, agroindustry and mining in five countries.

Odebrecht Infrastructure - Latin America

Projects in engineering and construction for public and private Clients in several sectors, in 10 countries.

Odebrecht United States

Services in engineering and construction with a focus on highways, bridges, airports, seaports and subway systems.

Odebrecht Realizações Imobiliárias

Residential, corporate, commercial and mixed use projects with quality and sustainability.

Odebrecht Ambiental

Promotes the universal availability of water and sewer services and the rational use of natural resources.

Odebrecht Latinvest

Investments in logistics and infrastructure in Latin America, with a focus on urban rapid transit.

Odebrecht Oil & Gas

Integrated solutions in Brazil and abroad, both in the investment phase and in the operational phase.

Odebrecht Properties

Plans projects, mobilizes capital and makes investments for the operation of public and private assets.

Odebrecht TransPort

Develops and operates urban rapid transit services, highways, seaports, airports and integrated logistics systems in Brazil.


The largest producer of thermoplastic resins in the Americas, with 36 units in Brazil, the USA and Germany.

Odebrecht Agroindustrial

Produces and sells ethanol, sugar and electric power from biomass for Brazil and abroad.

Enseada Indústria Naval

Operates in petroleum exploration on the high seas and invests in the construction and repair of shipyards in Brazil.

Odebrecht Defesa e Tecnologia

Innovative and high-tech solutions for the development of the Brazilian defense industry.

Investment Funds

Odebrecht Africa Fund

As a leader in the markets in which it operates, it manages investments in the fields of retail, mining and energy.

Odebrecht Brazil Fund

Manages assets in the electric energy sector and invests in engineering and construction projects in the country.

Odebrecht Latin Finance

Manages infrastructure businesses in Latin America, mainly in the fields of energy and irrigation.

Auxiliary Companies

Odebrecht Export Services

One of the main exporters of goods and services in Brazil, supports the import and export activities of the Businesses.

Odebrecht Corretora de Seguros

Protects tangible and intangible assets and promotes national and international corporate security. 

Odebrecht Previdência

Supports the Group's Members in building their own assets for retirement.

Odebrecht Engenharia de Projetos

Develops innovative solutions to be applied at the various stages of an undertaking.

Odebrecht Comercializadora de Energia

Supports the Group’s Businesses in the purchase and sale of electric power in Brazil.