Ethics Line

Odebrecht offers the Ethics Line channel so that its Members, Third Parties, Suppliers, Clients and other collaborators can safely and responsibly contribute with information to help the Organization maintain safe, ethical, transparent and productive corporate environments.

One of the main principles of the Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology, considered the Organization's business philosophy, is good communication between the Leader and Team Member. The Members are encouraged to work on strengthening this relationship and to talk with their direct Leaders if they have any questions or become aware of any practices that are not aligned with the conduct expected by the Organization or which represent some violation of the Code of Conduct. This dialogue ensures that the appropriate measures can be taken

Under the hypothesis that the Member is not comfortable explicitly stating what was observed, or if the Member has strong reason to want to remain anonymous when reporting the violation of the Code of Conduct, he or she can use the Ethics Line channel.


In order for a violation of the code of conduct to be properly evaluated, you must report what has occurred. The more details provided, the easier it will be to verify your report. Whenever possible, please include in your report the relevant information listed below:

Relevant Information

  • What is the violation?
  • How, when and where did the violation occur, is it occurring or will it occur?
  • Who are the people and/or companies or witnesses involved?
  • How many times did the violation occur?
  • What is the cause, reason or incentive for this situation or violation to occur?
  • Was, is, or will there be monetary values involved? Please indicate.
  • If there is proof, how can we find it?

The Odebrecht Organization's Code of Conduct was created to establish the ethical principles and standards of conduct that should guide the internal and external relations of all Members.

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