Cultural Centers & Sporting Arenas

Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts of Miami Dade County: Miami, Florida

The new performing arts complex for the City of Miami consists of four components: the renovation of the Art Deco Sears Tower, the construction of two steel buildings, the Dolores Ziff Ballet Opera House and the Carnival Concert Hall, and a 57,000 SF plaza of the Arts.

The renovation of the old Sears Tower required the reinforcement of the tower structure and demolition of the rest of the Sears building, abatement of existing asbestos and lead paint and salvage of plaster and stone moldings.

The new buildings have a steel structure with concrete and concrete masonry shearwalls. Both buildings are enclosed with concrete masonry walls clad with stone and aluminum and glass curtainwalls. Each building houses a major hall and areas for rehearsal, storage, deliveries, food handling, dressing rooms and offices. State of the art sound control systems and building sound isolation measures including reverberation chamber doors, precast concrete ceilings, isolation of the main halls from the rest of the structure.

A steel bridge, clad in stone, over Biscayne Boulevard connects both venues.